Extra-Curricular Activities


  • enhances the total school program;
  • strengthens the relationship between students and teachers;
  • contributes to the intellect, social and physical growth of students;
  • enables students to pursue skills and activities of personal interest outside their regular curricular program;
  • enhances school spirit.


  • Participation in a wide variety of clubs, teams and activities is available to all students throughout the school year.
  • Information concerning these various activities is provided through the daily announcements, the school newsletter, special posters, and student assemblies.
  • Student and staff interest and support determines the success or failure and ultimately the continuation or termination of each extra-curricular activity.
  • Parent Consent Forms must be completed ahead of time for all off-campus trips.
  • A student in violation of Viking School Policy regarding drugs and alcohol while at school or representing the school will face suspension or possible expulsion.