Grades Taught



Viking School has a proud tradition of excellence that began back in the early 1900’s. Over the past thirteen years, Viking School’s population has slowly declined. In the 2021-2022 school year, our enrollment numbers have held steady with approx. 250 students.



Our program was the first to be organized in the County of Beaver. It was started in 1974 as a private kindergarten organized by parents using a room in the school. It is now run by the Board of Education and we have 1 kindergarten class. Students attend for two, and occasionally three days each week.

Elementary School

The elementary has 6 classes for grades one to six students, with a combined grade 5/6 class in the afternoon. Our Inclusive Education programs follow the new Alberta Education Initiative for inclusion. In addition, Viking School offers French (FSL) beginning in grade 4.

Junior High School

The Junior High School consists of three classes - 1 grade seven, 1 grade eight and 1 grade nine class. We offer the usual academic subjects together with complimentary classes in Industrial Education, Home Economics and Art.

Senior High School

The High School also offers the usual academic subjects together with courses in Construction, Physical Education, Art, French and a variety of courses are available to grade 11 and 12 through independent learning modules or online delivery.  As we are a small high school, many courses are available through independent learning modules or online delivery for those students unable to access a required course or those who need to repeat a course.


We C.A.R.E Everywhere.